Carbon & Kevlar fiber textures


jalopy madness
Carbon & Kevlar fiber textures

*2 textures (last ones) are fully photoshop made (made by me ofc)


great texture work Zachary, very sweet looking, I'm doing a carbon interior car now (real one hehe) and this has to be the best carbon texture Ive seen.
Sticky please :)

this should be stickied! I used it on one of my cars and EVERYONE is requesting a link to it. So I think that making it stick will ensure that it doesnt dissappear in time :) Gracias!
i have a problem opening these textures! I dont see them as a thumbnail and when i click it opens blank page!

anyone know whats the problem?


jalopy madness
Haadee said:
maybe you can make of like here - i think that will also look nice

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maybe it looks nice on photoshopped pics. but on 3D models it wont work,
since it aint be symmethrical. (does not tile properly so it looks like crap)