Car blueprint


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Why is such preciseness needed?, if you don't mind me asking...

I mean, unless you're just having a huge problem with inaccurate prints, or are using some strange modeling method, most any prints should be able to produce a useable end result, after tweaking and careful planning, of course, depending on how much perspective is shown...
well maybe he wants to do womething else apart from simple modeling with these BPs, like make something practical (handwork) with the print, so he needs measurements?


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You can try requesting them from the factory. These are the only 100% precise blueprints you will ever find.
Since i doubt any factory will happily give away its own blueprints, another but rather painstaking method would be to knock down the real car and draw every part in 3 views.
Of course i am joking (=
Even the best "carmanual" blueprints have their incongruencies. Modeling is sculpting and eyeballing. Some error margin is inevitable.