C&J contest - Voting thread

Who should see his rust turned to gold ?

  • rickyss and the 1951+ Vw type 2 t1

    Votes: 8 14.5%
  • VisualHarmony and the BMW Isetta

    Votes: 34 61.8%
  • Csicsó3d and the Fiat 126

    Votes: 11 20.0%
  • rcat and the Citroen 2CV

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • alexL and the 2nd gen Rx-7

    Votes: 2 3.6%

  • Total voters


The time has come for you to all cast your vote in determining our Winners for the official SMCars Clunkers & Junkers contest !

You'll find below all the finished entries that managed their way to the Finished Entries Thread. Please pay attention to the technical execution (modeling, texturing, lighting) but also to the feeling the pictures give.

Don't forget, you can only vote ONCE, so choose carefully. Also, no voting for yourself ;)

Voting will close on March, 30rd at 8am GMT and Winners will be announced in the Weekly Write-Up which will shortly follow the close.

On a last note, if you failed to upload the REQUIRED Front & Rear Renders, for whatever one is missing, you'll be deducted one vote point from your final tally.

Good luck to everyone !!


rickyss's 1951+ Vw type 2 t1


VisualHarmony's BMW Isetta


Csicsó3d's Fiat 126


rcat's Citroen 2CV


alexL's 2nd gen Rx-7



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I voted for rickyss with the VW camper, the textures were excellent, the renders could have been a bit softer + better placed but they did the job :)

VisualHarmony and the BMW Isetta was a close second, the model + textures are excellent but the overal scene felt closed in, and very dark considering the strong shadows etc. the small details were awsome though
but for overal vehicle detail, I had to go with the camper :)
Well, I haven't commented nothing so far so I'm going to now. I'm gonna be a bit harsh...
It has an idea or atleast the beggining of an idea... The modelling is not so bad, however, your tires are too unrealistic and your images suffer from that... The texturing of the Van itself is good and I like it, however, your grond looks so plane and on the second shot the building isn't looking so good also. Well, a lot of ground and nothing but the Van there? Nah... you should've put something there - some rubbish or whatever but it looks empty now... So - the tires, the ground, the closeup of the building and a lack of detail in some areas - those are the things that will make the image a lot better
In general I like it but you could do better man :)
Well, what can I say... this one and rickyss's have the best texturing in the contest. Nice modelling, great detail. I like that artistic touch - just a little snail can make one image a lot better... However, I'm sorry to say that but your post production is just... well it sucks man... You could be better off without it...
Aside of that it's the best entry for me...
A dead car on a cemetary... Well it is an idea but it's strange that a car could end up there... You've put a lot of nature and that's hard to deal with I think... It's one of the hardest things to make realistic. Good job but you need better texturing.
Lightning is unrealistic... The textures of the building and the ground are plane. Cars textures are not so logical. The car is completely empty on the inside... Your second image shouldn't be from that angle.
Far from finished.... I won't comment it because of that but, man, look at your proportions... Your biker is way too big :)
As a conclusion:
Guys, textures are so hard to deal with especially some aged ones. Always think when you're making a texture - search a logic. For example - if it's a dusty muddy or whatever ground - where ppl pass, where cars cross, where there may be some vegitation on it and etc. and those things can make your images better and more realistic. Good job to all I hope next time I finish my image :)
I voted for VisualHarmony.
P.S. I hope my comment didn't let some of you down :(
Voted for the in my opinion most realistic looking one, and that's for me the Isetta. Every entry is very well done, but to me the Isetta looks most realistic, in setting and looks. Second place would be the VW van. Only con of that entry is that it's closer to showcasing a rusty car, while I rather see them abandoned and broken down in a tight dark space.
The Isetta ofcourse, I love the texturing and lightning, looks reaaaally nice and old. Great job on this one, couldnt be much better in my oppinion.

The others ones were great too, the Fiat should get the 2nd place, nice textures and scene.


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Isetta, got my vote , may be it is dark and you cant see the details but still it looks great , and you have to love it :)

my second choice is Vw and then Fiat 126
Vw is great and finished fully . to bad that Fiat dose not have any rear parts xD
I voted for the VW van , nicely modelled and textured.
The Isetta looks a superb piece of work but I just like the VW scene overall.

My textures suck , I ran out of time again as usual. Next one will be better I promise.

How about for the next competition we go completely opposite - and have a concept car challenge with a clean pristine studio setting?
it was a hard call between ryckies and visualharmony. THey are both well textured modelled and textured. THe thing that convinced me finally was the work on the scene. Tho ryckies had made a superb surrounding for it, the final let me a bit down. Some things could be better and the ground was to empty. Visual did choose a less impressive scene, he did work it out better. Wich gave it a better feel.

I also loved the fiat, only the scene looked a bit odd to me, i can't really think of that place finding an old car, only other old things :) And the texture at the bottom fo the car looked a bit washed out.

Nevertheless all the entry's that finished it did a great job!!


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Hey that's a good idea , remodelling a classic to look futuristic - anybody want to d that?

i would be down with that for sure, personally ive always wanted to see the boattail speedster remade for this century

and my vote of course went to the bmw im always amazed with visualharmony's work
I voted for Rickyss' combi. Peace man! Makes me wanna grow my hair, strap up a big J and play some bongos.:D

Well done to all contestants.

VisualHarmony's BMW is technically awesome. Beautiful work mate.

Also nice idea with the recreating a classic to look modern. Opens up a lot of creativity.
Hy all!
I say thank you for the votes very nicely first!
In as much I will have free time I make the ass of the bmw because I am indebted for you with it!!!
I was not able to decide between FIAT and Wv. Wv more beautiful the textures in right down he is damaged, but the environment more beautiful Fiat. The picture cutting equally not the most beautiful one at one of the pictures.
1 Fiat
3Mazda( very creative the idea, but to practise the textures and the order is needed yet)

And the usual :( (Sorry for my BAD english)
hello everyone!

thanks to all who voted (even if not for me hehe). it was a lot of fun taking part in this contest and i sure did learn a lot. still i am a bit dissapointed in myself because i got carried away with small details and forgot about the important ones. anyway i wish to thank the administrators for making these contests possible and all the members for commenting.

Isetta...no more comment required. Great job tho some small improvements to the shot would be nice. But it's the best one followed by VW.