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Using a livecd with a linux (ubuntu or mandriva) could help you. You boot on it and you can save all your precious before all great cleaning.
A while back I have used a "small" liveCD from a German company Inside Security called INSERT Security rescue toolkit. Instead of a ~650MB download this would be "only" 60MB and it has all tools needed - might be easier to get away with downloading something smaller if you need to borrow a computer/Internet connection, and the wait is shorter ;)

But obviously Linux can be much different than windows so a little caution and research might be necessay in using the tools. and it requires your laptop to be able to boot from CD


http://http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=99853&package_id=107233&release_id=489669 (directly to download)

Found this on "Google Installer.exe" via.... Google (Please note that I have not tried Prevx's product. I am never really sure if these online scanner can be trusted, so I wont try it either. But the description is probably not too far fetched there was a number of hits in my search.

PS : Hope you get your data out safely
PPS : vikasietotila is Safe-mode (the minimum drivers mode of windows)


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Formating C: right now. Got my USB keyboard working by going to BIOS and Enambling it.

Going to have a fresh start. Maybe I install the new Max trial version... we see what I´m doing. ...all tho... Blender works better
Happy for you that all was not lost

If at sometime in the future you have trouble starting up it might be power drain from USB peripherals (should not happen with just keyboard and mouse) - that's why the BIOS switch is there to delay USD power up. (except on my crappy computer it's not so I have to hook up stuff after boot).

F-secure might not run in safe mode because of limit driver availbility . depending on what you chose on startup you wont even have network connectivity. But if you were hit by a virus your installation might be corrupt anyway, so an online scanner would be my first portof call after install, there are a numbe of these

BitDefender (AVX - AntiVirus eXpert) Scan Online (Bitdefender)
ActiveScan 2.0 - A second opinion on the security of your PC
Free ESET Online Antivirus Scanner
Free Virus Scan - Kaspersky Lab

are just some


The Land Cruiser Maniac
The virus blocked all the online virus scan siters or turned them into porn sites.

Anyway got my normal PC running now. Waiting for automatic update to find and install SP2, SP3 etc etc.

[STRIKE] Do you guys know how to disable that annoying "peep" sound?? Comes from the motherboard right? Exsample when I´m typing and the cursor is nowhere, the computer gives those loud "peep" sounds. Or when it gives some warning or error message it gives that sound. It didn´t do that before formating....[/STRIKE]