C&J Contest : The Sleeping Beauties

The back won't be visible in the renders and I need to save polys. A scene with 3 cars and 3D environment + HQ textures equals a lot of pain for my PC :) I hope that answers your question :)
Well I sat down today and worked a bit on the Bugatti. I don't need more details for my shot but I will finish the car. I'll make little more detail and will then finally start my last car. There are few mistakes here and there. Modeling the rim was really fun today :) I'm a bit sick of modeling already so maybe I will show some texturing these days.


Have i ever said, god damn! you're models are insanely awesome and detailed! Also I love the bently, very modern shape for its age modern lookin rims too. Texture time! thats what really makes things look good, so get crackin.
I've just started the last car for the project - Bugatti T57 Ventoux. 90% of it is made only by reference because of the lack of blueprints for this model.
I've already set up the lightning of the scene and I'm modeling little details on the ground etc. When I finish this car I will show a render of the scene right before texturing. Made some tests for textures but there is nothing to show atm so be patient :) I hope you like the models so far and if you don't I hope I can compensate it with the texturing. Thank you all for your comments!


I know I'm demeaning myself, but could you do a scene with just one of the cars please, pretty please

As your title says they are beauties, and the modelling looks really good, was sort of looking forward to seeing (one) of them.

But if it can't be done it can't be done, maybe other time.
Hi, I wanted to introduce myself with a car sooner or later, but I hope that I can help here first.
I don't know if you tried it. But did you try a network render? When you do you can select "Split Scan Lines", and render the image in 2 or more times. That helped me a couple of times when my computer had rendering problems.
And the great thing is, you only need 1 pc for the network render (of course more will also work).

I hop it helps
Thanks for the advices. I've tryed those things, however, finally I deleted about 1mil polys and the scene is good now... Here are some textures - the floor is ugly and it's gonna be different, the wooden board on the floor needs more work... lightning is still a big problem, but I will deal with it when I texture the cars. I don't think I will finish in 5 days but I will try my best... It's not comming up very cool but every texture is still in progress :)



I strongly disagree with you : IMHO, your work looks already really good ! The idea suits the contest theme very well, the lighting is credible and the models look clean and properly detailed.

And I really like the integration of the models within the scene. I'm looking forward to see shaders and textures on the cars.

Good luck, keep it up that way !