C&J Contest : The Sleeping Beauties

As you figuired out from the title there will be not only one car in my scene :) The first one I'm making for about 2 weeks or so and it's almost finished(I'm making it very detailed but it's for my own training and I won't be needing so much detail for the general concept). So the first beauty is Cord Convertible 812 - a great car. For the other 2 cars I will only say that they are Buggatis from the 30's also. So here are some screens of the Cord. A spectaculair car, however my lack of modeling skills makes it less worth of respect...


Well, thank you! I hope you really like it and those are not plain words :) Little progress(making it too slowly...) However I started modeling under the hood and tomorrow I will finish the exterior(hopefully) and maybe start building the engine... When I get too pissed from details I will start making one of the other cars from the concept :)


I planned to enter this contest with a type 57sc atlantic! so now I have to change car!:cry::cry::cry::cry:

good luke for the contest and great car!

Very nice modelling animeone. Great details.

Another entry which seems a shame to mess up.

My only crit is the front tyre. Not sure but looks a little wide and maybe too modern for that era.


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Pretty ambitious project but from the interior detail i can see you are going fine! The coffin-nose Cord is a sweet choice to start.
Yes, I was planing to model the Bugatti Type 57 also but I don't think there is a problem for you to model it, or is there?(maybe I've missed it somewhere in the rules perhaps?)
The tires are awful to start with :) I will rebuild them as soon as I'm finished with the fenders, cos' that's the only thing that's left aside of the engine(and the trunk but I'll make that fast...)
And thanks to all again for the nice comments :) I encourage critics so shoot if you have something in mind, thanks in advance!
I think I'm finished with the interior...



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heh no really I like details, and you have amazing amount of them ;)

I can see some bumps on the interior, if i can call them bumps hehe other ways no crit ;)
Well, yea, I know about those bumps :) I will fix them and thank you :) Anyways I can say that I'm nearly finished with the Cord(atleast I won't need more detail for the shot for the contest, however I will later add the detail I want and make some nice studios and exteriors maybe :))
So next target - Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic - there are only 2 or 3 in the world I think so ref's are limited but I will manage with it - I don't really need much detail on that one and the next, because the cord is in the front of the other two cars and will hide the most of them... I hope you like how the project's going so far - I suck at modeling but I'm trying :)


Well I just wanted it to be dark... I don't know why but I like dark images... There are lights but they are tinted :)
I edited the post with brighter images, hope those are ok :)
Well, thank you :) So after a "little" break I'm bback. Here's what I've modeled for a few hours today - it was a real pain in the ass... However this is not the T57 SC but the T55... I will later model the T57 Ventoux based on blueprints of T50 I think. These 2 cars won't be so detailed, I won't even model them fully - only the front parts of the cars. I've began to model the environment too so expect some pic on that :) This model is poor, however I hope I can fix it :)