C & J Contest: Rusty BMW Isetta

Other than what GV said, I think the bumpmap on the rust (on the A pillar) is a bit too strong. Looks like there's 3 mm thick paint on the steel :p

The snail is a tad too light, I think.

The cigarettes are too clean. They all aren't burnt up to the end (all four have the same amount of white left).

I'm not sure how signs along the road look like in Hungary, but here in The Netherlands they are curved to form a rim at the back. See the attached image (don't mind the arrow, it was there already).

Now.. why do I tell you all this? It's hard enough to beat you already when your work has imperfections.. :cry:
Great work!


hmm no "rim" on Danish road signs.

Love the little details on the render, but Nighteye might just have a point that the cigarette butts are to uniform. Greenvampire also has good points, don't know about texture seams, to me it looks as if the bracket is sanded down and atleast partially primed.