C&J Contest: Lincoln Cosmopolitan

I just started! I finally get my polara in zmod with few problem so far, now i can start on another one :D

no spefic year since my reference are mixbag with 49 to 51..



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Interesting car.
I know that they share the body with the 49-51 Mercurys,but now I am confused.
Some got that "notch" in the door like the Mercs+flat front glas and others got no notch and curved one piece front glas.Hmm...gotta investigate that.


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Wow a Cosmo!
Grandpa had a golden one but this was before i was born.
Watching eagerly for the wip...

(Tol@te - the "baby" Lincoln did share its body with Mercury)
The styling kinda reminds me of that mercury in Cobra. Anyway I only spend a few hours then I have to get my Polara finished. So far here what I got so far and its in sad state right now.


yes two type of Lincolns, Cosmo was top and had longer wheelbase! had chrome arch over front wheels on early ones. one interesting note is that used car sales used to "upgrade" cars to look newer so it is not impossible to have an old model with newer parts to seem like it was new vs older. one of the old tricks they used when selling used cars (that and sawdust in the crank case! )
The cosmo comes with several stage of refresh and other version. Its darn confusing, the one i posted on pic probably the late model. The one im modeling is 1950 so *sigh* its not 1949 after all

Sorry for lack of update,

anyway im a little lag behind, but just because im feeling half hearted right now...and busy with other thing