C & J Contest : Ford GT

oh, unlucky, :eek: :grin:

umm well this soldier needs an enemy right, to provide those vital bullet holes, so heres a start on it, redoing the guns, they're placeholders, and doing this model low poly so I can render the final scene :p

Im still messing around with the soldier, its kinda different to anything ive done

and the car I will post an update soon

something along the lines of this....

CGTalk - Endzeit, Michael Kutsche (2D)


edited last post with a link to inspiration for thta

update on the car woo

since its so boring to model tho, ima take Catlins Advice and smash the crap out of it XD


thanks man

Hmm Im not sure whether or not to make a normal map of the high poly one and stick it ont the low poly, what do you think, would I need to

got the high and low placed side by side for comparison


that is one cool gun :) i would do a low poly version tho, or you need to ahve like 16 gb of ram like the_ic :p I think it has good enough details low poly, but i wanna see it with a normal map!
Man, if you don't get a job in the industry straight out of school, I'm going to be very suprised.

Your SMGs however look a tad off, mainly the rubber grips. The ones in the game look like moulded rubber, howevers yours look like little bolts jutting out.

Other than that, brilliant as always. You should be awfully proud of yourself :)
haha you think so ? :p we will see what happens then hehe

hmm yeah by that point I got so annoyed making little anooying parts in high poly I kinda rushed those little studs :p

Im not using refs from the game btw, its a little different in game compared to the one that odst has


thats what I was using as a blueprint, and not many refs of that smg variant

thanks man

little update on the odst, got a pita physics project so not any time for a couple of days, finished up the head filling in gaps, made that thing below the chest plate, and those canisters that might be smokes or something... who knows :p

PS - P2sta, I will get that final scene sketch done, no time these days :(