C & J Contest : Ford GT


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Nice man looking awesome , how much time did you lose on that tire?? xD lol 2 pages about that one. xD

hope in seeing more updates soon
thanks guys, yer one rim done two to go

where does the road go?

did this when I was bored so it might not be the final scene location


thought of a final scene placement XD

50 years later - world is torn apart by warfare, this car is sitting in an abandoned city over run by evil forces, one unlucky soldier ends up there, and so the scene should be like hes hiding behind the GT for cover, while taking out some fools :D

heres my inspiration for a soldier


made a start on it, the armor straps that go around the shoulders ima redo I think


hehe sounds like a fallout scenario :) if you model the mutants and supermutated things that live in fallout then it might take over the car but would still be nice :)
still i might be tempted to kick it up a notch also :p
haha thanks guys

yeah was playing the halo wars demo, and yeah :p

hmm mutants, covanents, I might make a hybrid gow/halo bad guy, fallout enemies dont look that great :p

restarted most of it, added a sketch too - except the scanner needs cleaned : /
will add it next time.


Woot, Halo wars demo? Ill download it right when I get up later today. :uhh:

Nice to see you want to model one of those guys but keep in mind that the cars the main part of that contest and there might be not enought time to get everything done. When is the deadline anyway?^^
thanks guys
> Schaefft yeah halo wars demo is out, yeah thats true man, I will finish up the car first then I think, and then experiment with stuff, deadline is 22nd of march I think,

> Csicso3D :D rusted in action