C & J Contest : Ford GT

Tires will not deform like that, even when they are flat. Also, the 'caging' in tires is really dense. If you want tires to look old, wear down the tiretreads so you can just see the steel mesh underneath, and slightly downscale them in X-axis (as they are probably deflated, it sits a little loose from the rim).


rickyss - hehe yeah :p MG42 the car :p and various other weapons, hehe

NightEye - I see so most of the tyre remains in its shape, wondering what effect a cut would have on it, would it deform in that area, seeming as the strength of an arched cable would be lost if it were split
Kinda depends on the type of cut, I think :p A hole doesn't do anything to the tire's shape, you can even let that be filled in again. But if you cut with a knife through a large section of the sidewall, the structure is disrupted and thus it will deform. How it will deform, that's hard to tell.. Probably like this :p


I think the rim is slightly over kill on the wonkyness. But should it even have rims? i mean wouldn't they get stolen? perhaps just some plain steel wheels would be good. just my opinion though.
I dont want all the rims to be stolen, wait and see what I got planned for the whole wheel setup :p

that wheel atm is just a place holder, I will try and tone done the dents :p
shot suspension on this side, catlins idea btw... :D good one too

and did some more work on the body, not finished cleaning up that part of the roof still, so not happy with it

also wheels - this one spokes have broke, and the friction caused at these speeds cause the sort of smoothed out cuts


hehe, i want to see this when it falls apart. You're doing a great job on making a clean and smooth model outta this, wondering how you will do you job in turn in into a piece of rusty junk!
thanks guys, dont worry Ill bash it up good :D , btw aluminium doesnt rust :p you should know that Erik :p :p :p :evil: hahaa

nyways justa lil update on the way the front LEFT (edit, wrote right, idiot) wheel sits, and made the center, im being uber lazy with the rims though...


I DON'T CARE!! i wanna see rust rust and rust! you come up with something!

P.s. looking good, though i don't know about the missing spokes, it looks kinda weird like somebody just stole your spokes!


The Land Cruiser Maniac
That doesnt really look like a inflated tyre.

Here´s a ref.pic how it should look like.

And as for the rims, I think that only the outside lip should be deformed. Looks little unrealistic to see deformations all over the rim.


@ Erik :p okay okay dont kill me, aluminium corrosion - spokes arent stolen, just broken :p

@ Catlin yer

@ Tom - hmm that looks like that because the sidewall is huge on that, this is more what im going for


that said I need to make it look a bit more like that on my model, hmm I will reduce the deformations on the inside, but its like - those spokes would have caused some damage


Nice! but i think ti should be a bit more as in the picture, cause inflated tyres don't are rounded they're flat :p and i mis the rubber going to the outside on the other end.

Rest is looking flawless as usual, so maybe i should stop saying it :p you already know ehhh