C & J Contest : Ford Crown Victoria Mid 80's

The first thing i thought of with clunker and junker was the ol' crown victoria's, i remember them being the first cars i drove. Massive boats that were terrible on gas, but you could always fit atleast 8 of your friends in them. Enough room in the trunk to fit atleast 10 dead bodies.

Well I havn't modeled anything in quite awhile so felt like giving it a shot now. A bit of free time to donate to it.

Many many more hours to throw into this to get the detailing better.


hey thanks for the critique :) yeah the 92 - 09 ones are nicer. But this is what i envisioned for clunker :) just so much history, never owned one myself. Thanks for the link, i noticed one error i need to correct (the lower body bulge inwards, my reference showed that as a trim panel, i might look to see what year changed that, or maybe my reference was a patched autobody version, i know they would do that for simplicity) Still a lot of work to do. But a good challenge :) i so need to build a mini-render computer for when i'm out working (can only render/model on weekends as i'm up in -35 F weather during the week)