C&J Contest: Fiat 126 (polski)

So much thing to do, so much things to learn... no time for anything :) :( but I WANT to create this image in time :)

Final textures... maybe they will be changed, it depends on how they looks like in the environment :)


The bumpmap on the paint looks really weird. Also the colour of the rust is a bit off. Make it darker.
I like the way it looks though :) Don't forget to spin the wheels a bit; it looks made this way.
here is an update. Don't know the color, maybe a brighter color would be better, cause the rust hiding somewhere :)

New elements to the cemetery... updates hope will come soon

any crit is welcome ;)


too much dof
it's getting a toy'ish look imao also the colors affect that
otherwise great work
you'r leading the contest at the moment in my top =)


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one crit. the "rust" on the car look more like dirt to me, maby changing car color . and as NE seed make the rust darker ;)

of top.: i am working on my car but no way that i will make it, i think no one will make it lol . only few of you are really trying . so keep it up :)
looks awesome

but here's some crit or maybe advice, you can isten or not :)
1. you've really cut of too much on those tree branches so some leaves are just hovering in the air (if that's the idea leaves to fly than they never fly so close together, much more randomly :) )
2. u can use VrayDisplacement to create some grass on the ground cuz now it's quite noticable that the ground is absolutely flat - it'll add some realism too
3. those empty gravestones are really distracting, try to put some names there or at leas something (like your compettitors car names or smth :) just joking)

IMHO I would add some more dramatic light in the scene along with the sky backplate and made the picture a little wider than it's now, kinda square
hey Sergo! Thanks for your reply ;) It was very useful :)

grass made with hair&fur but still needs some more under the car.

I'll need a better background, some uvw to the rear tree, lots of postwork :)

The next image will be the final image :) hope you like it