C&J Contest: Fiat 126 (polski)

I think I'm done with the modelling. During the texturing process I'm sure about to create more thing :) who knows... :)

Need to create the punctured tyres...

In the front of the car there will be plants and flowers, thats the reason why the hood is in the interior :)



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Awesome :D no critic's ;) I just love it and thats it :D

Edit: well only one thing: that blur is killing my eyes ;) don't go so hard on bluring ;) hehe


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Hey ahh don't mind me I ment on that test picture (first one on this page xD )

by the way nice bumper :p lol i think you should make it like wheels (something like wheels not same) ;)


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and tell me about it xD I am doing every part for it self so i need more time but its simpler to draw textures ;)

model is Great :) bumper is good may be its not supost to be so shiny but its ok ;)

cant w8 to see it finished :)
looks cool, but very, very unrusted in the fromt wheel well ;)
and I looks, i dunno washed (as in cleaned), rusty for sure and the rust is convincing, but I think espcially the hood (or what ever you call it on at rear engined car) seem to have reflections that doen't go well with the rest. So perhaps still too shiny. but honestly I liked the red one much more.