C&J Contest: Fiat 126 (polski)

I'm also in this contest. Hope I'll be able to finish it :)

This is my previz... one veryvery old fiat 126 in a cemetry. I'll try to create as much details as I can...

hope you like it still :)


thanks, but I'd like to keep it going and add more rust to the scene :)

Here are my reference images... I just put them together (I don't want to learn this afternoon :))



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Great Work Man, one more car that you cant miss in Serbia XD lol they are all over the city's like Yugo
w8 it's not great it's amazing for such a short time :D such a great model , I just love it :D

Keep it up , want to see more :)
sorry for the late update but I have to learn a lot (more than I expected, but after monday I'll be free :)

This is just a small part of the car, didn't detailed it very much... hope you like it :)


thanks guys :)

rickyss: As you can see on my first previz image, only the front right wheel will be missing, all the other wheels will be on there place :)

OldDog: Yeah, this is also definietly a unique car of our region (unfortunatly) :)
okhay guys, I think that was my hardest exam in my life :) It was a physical torture for my brain in the teachers room. The most important that I'm done and it was a success ;) (mark 2 ;))

So updates will come in this week ;)
Congratulations! :)

I was driving home when a Fiat 126 headed towards me. I never realised they were that small :p Lovely cars though.
Your model looks good too :)