C&J Contest : Citroen 2CV

Big thanks for those - thats absolutely brilliant.

Yeah I think I must have my monitor set really dark at home because when I come to work my stuff looks way too bright.
Anyways , more modelling tonight I think. I've textured the back wall and the left hand wall, like I mentioned before I'm gonna change the right hand wall and add some other feature. Post some updates later.

Thanks again
the rear wall need some more tiling, and i hope the ground will has some bump/displace, because it looks so flat
otherway it is look cool :) keep it up
Thanks for comments
@Csicso - thanks for crits. I agree with both comments, I'll sort out the back wall.
There is bump on the floor but I dont think it looks right yet either. I'll check the bump map.
And how come there is no shadow under the back wheel?
looking awsome man loving the background scene for it :)

just one thing with your latest update i prefer the 2nd lighting but in my opinion by looking at your scene you should have the light either straight down onto the car or from the front becuase the scene is covering both sides and the rear of the car making your lighting look a tad unrealistic hope this can help.


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hey nice progress.

yo that Vraysun has some problems xD lol it dose not want to work as we want it to work . :p

any way model is great :) are we going to see some deformation?
some more vraysun setup and car tehtures, may be some modeling and you are ready for the finals ;)

keep up the good work
or may be your car s to reflective the environment looks good
Looking good. I actually didn't mind the earlier render with the sun at a really steep angle. This would be consistent with the car being in a narrow alley, and the pic "taken" at midday which would be the only time the sun reaches that "forgotten" place, IMO

Only thing, and I'm sure you are aware of this, the scene is in daylight but through the gataway behind it, it looks like it's night.
Thanks for comments , I agree - I'm trying to find that "looks just right"' shot , with some nice dramatic shadows.
The gateway looks dark behind because I've lifted the vraysun upwards. I'll probably drop an omni behind there to lighten it up. I might put a background on a plane behind there but I dont want to make things too fussy.
Anyone think I should have some other street furniture in the alley? Bins , rubbish etc?
an old bicycle (pedal bike) would look good due to the scene and the type of the car. and yer add sum bins but i wouldn't try and over crowd it just have anough for effect :)
hope this helps


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i would add some trash here and there maybe some leaves im just feeling that the alley looks too clean still but definately dont overcrowd it its looking awesome


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justin has a good idea . love it

i was thinking adding some things to walls maby a door on left a window would be good on right ,and a bin
I dunno may be make some more space by moving that right wall.some trash yes the street is too clean. dunno experiment :)
open your mind and do what you think its good

and if you have time for the bicycle really make it ;)

have fun