C&J Contest : Citroen 2CV

Well not sure about this. This competition was always going to be about texturing and thats not what I'm good at. But if it helps me to improve then its all good.
SO , if I don't finish , then I dont finish.
Concept will be a decrepit 2CV in a Parisian side street. Concept sketches will follow (when I've actually done them)
Decided on this car as it should fit the environment well. Some nice rusty wheels, torn roof etc.



If i would join this contest it would have been with this car, we have 2 at home so very good reference xD But it shouldn't be too hard to find junky references about this car, it's only whats left of them!
No no, i don't have time or the effort for this atm, and rusty things aren't my thing. I just said IF.. but i don't want to take your pleasure;) If you need some refpics just let me know and i'll see what i can do for you! Atm no 2cv is completely stripped but i can do my best! i also have a big database of the first 2cv getting stripped so i could get something nice for you!
Thanks , very kind of you. If it's not too much trouble I'd welcome some close pictures of headlights , badges, wing mirrors - you know the kind of stuff thats useful.


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cool :D i have one CV2 in perfect condition so maybe i can help too ;)
I want to see this one finished looks cool :D

Hey that picture whit the yellow sing, its from my dad's friend - car :D hehe interesting :D


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hy man, i had some kind off problems, whit my laptop fixed it up, so now I'm searching for those pictures
Now i'll upload them for reall :/ sorry for w8ing . hope they will help

now you model is looking good :) its very nice
may be you should make some simple details on front like on the hood a hole for the headlights and , for (turning lights) yellow things xD lol
and yea some models ,well its not to the model , it to driver but they have like chrome plates on the wheels, you should add it on one wheel may be, whit some rust gona look cook

think your front bumper is to sharp on the edges (hope that is called bumper xD)

Check this out if you didn't all ready seen it
Citroën A Series Index Page

well upload is going to take some time :/ and there will be some pic. from the net and some my own hope that you'll like it heh

keep it up you are doing a great work ;)

EDIT; The camera angel is much better , its showing the car in bigger plan :)
Thanks man real good of you to do that.
Yeah , I got plenty more stuff to model on the car yet, dont worry, its not finished yet.

Did some texture tests on the floor , heres what i got so far. The base texture is from CGtextures , I just did some photoshop work on the kerb area.

I'm gonna move the window to the other side, to give the wall next to the car a bit more interest