C&J Contest '75 vw scirocco

oh nice kit on that scala, looking forward for seeing your model :D
and oh thanks a lot for those pics, but ive modeled one without front pic, but i might remodel 'em cos i have better ref now thanks :) what do you think of them?


If you're going for realism, just size them down to 14" while keeping the center piece this scale. The holes will then get smaller, which looks more real. Also your refpic has 7 holes and your rim got 6 :D
I like them though, you made steel rims look sexy :)

I'm excited to start it, but I can't yet.. But I have enough refpics, as in: in my front yard :D
whit those rims you are one stap closer in turning it into crap :) it's looking nice, keep it up that way! i wanna see some rusty rims now;)
thanks for your comments :)

@NightEye: thanks but im not sure how can i know if its 14'' or not :B

and heres the wheel texture test :) still playing with it so i may change it


Great rust :) Though I think it's a bit too speculous.
About the size: don't you model in milimeters? If you don't, just scale them down so they look approximately 14" :p Just so that there's more rubber around the rim. That is, if you want it to be like that.
@NightEye thanks, i scaled them down a bit
heres a quick render of the render alone :) clean version XD ill move one the car body now and get it finished soon :)



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Great work so far, love the rims and that rust ... how do you make it XD lol

m8 i think we are all w8ing for body updates :)