C&J Contest: '64 Bedford VAL 14


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I have decided to enter with something that I can actually finish on time lol

my entry is a 1964 Bedford VAL 14, with the Harrington Legionnaire body style.

I dont know a great amount about busses, or this bus... other than it was made famous by the italian job ;)

So, my plan is to make the Italian job bus... but only 40 years later :D

finding ref for this bus was difficult, I will admit I found a side print for a similar model bus back when I wanted to model it for the LCA contest, but sourcing a couple of ref photos is all I managed to do lol

specs of what this entry will hopefully be:

- Low Poly (around 10,000 tris)
- Environment (un-decided as to what yet... possibly the last scene from the italian job)

- texturing will be limited to 2 or 3 maps, with additional normal + spec mapping.

I should have time to finish this, progress will be made mostly on sundays... with that said, better make a start!


(i think the black + white photo attached is the same bus either before or after the movie... same reg plate anyways :D )



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ok, made some progress yesterday,
as you can see from the image im just getting the rough shape at the moment, the sideprint isn't very accurate for the model that im making, so I had to find some more ref images.

I'll start cutting it up to add detail later in the week or next weekend, will see how it goes.

anyways, crit welcome, just remember im still defining the shape etc

cheers :)



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thanks guys :)

@vanden_plas : im not sure... I might still do it hanging over the cliff, either that or maybe at the road side... as if it were pulled up and left


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ok, just lettin ya'll know im not continuing with this one... another project started + not completed lol

will finish it in time, just not enjoying working on it at the mo,

I'm going to start work on a high poly muscle car, undecided which one yet, just feel like making something detailed :D
Probably wont finish anything for this contest though so nevermind... i'm sure I'll enter whatever the next one may be!