C&J Contest: 2007 Chevy Colorado

wouldnt it be better for you if you moved that front view print a little to the back? :p
i know i cant work with the prints in the middle of my model :)
I recreated the model, I just can't model a basic model and sculpt it, I need to contour it LOL.

So, here's my work, I think it's okay, still working on shaping.

EDIT: fun render

I beleive rim style is final, tires etc were mockup....

I can't wait to texture, that's my all time favorite.


It's really hard to see anything, since the contrast is very low and there is a strange shadow on the car.
From what I can see it looks good, allthough the headlight looks a bit bumpy.
My logic thinks the pitting should end where the rust ends, and perhaps some fold to the flat tire. And make it grugier, but yes! Rust! Because "rust never sleeps!"
Yeah, rust forms bubbles, as i've witnessed on all my vehicles, that's the pure essence of the "pitting" on my wheels.

Yeah, I agree with grunge of course!

The owner was offroading and ruined the wheel(S)