C&J Contest: 1963 Chevrolet Biscayne 409


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Hey folks!

Well,as you can see,I will do another Biscayne.This time a '63.
Everybody can do Impalas so why not doin a low-price Biscayne?
Most know that I love these plain cars.

No progress to show yet but I will try to post stuff on weekend.
Further,I hope to finish it like I want it.
Scene?Hmm,maybe a old barn with the car outside of it under a tree,don't know exactly.
But one things for sure,it will be rusty.

I will call that car:"Easy Resto";)


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I'm happy and honored to see you,Dan,do the first post!

Actually no need to wait until monday.I tried to start like most of the polymodelers start.
With the frontend.Since I'm still learning Max,it may look crappy in some areas,but I do it to learn and to go one step further with this whole modeling crap!:awe:

The pics show 2 hours of work.I wish I would have done more but I'm pretty slow at the moment,but I think I will get faster as I go.
Polyplacement will be fixed in some places.

More tomorrow.
Same issue caught my eye aswell, judging by the polyflow you're aiming for midpoly?

I'd also advise you to make a simple basic shape first and then start add more polyrows with the connect tool in edgemode for example. :)


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Thanks guys!
I will try that.A big help for this method is the WIP pics of your Chally,Johnas.
Before I thought I will do a 55 Chevy but then I decided to do a less rounded car.

Maybe the next update comes in 8 hours...hopefully.
Great choice, I love the '63 version. As for the minor bumps, I think they shouldn't be that much of a problem, it is going to be a junker after all. :)


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I got mad with MAX,so I stopped working,turned the PC off and worked on a friends car.
When I came back,I decided to use ZModeler again.
It would take too much time to learn MAX through this project and contest.Too much trying around with no satisfiing results made me do that.

After 2 hours of work in ZMod I had this:


Max can be confusing at first but after you get used to it, modeling is much more faster than in ZMod ;)

I recommend to do some tutorials after you've finished this :)

Another nice start though!
>rickyss: Thats whats happening with me now.I'm used to ZMod and Max is just way over that...another world,if you want.
>Johnas: Yeah,absolutely.I worked trough the Fiat 500 tut and had good results.But I need more practice.

Todays work.Not as much as I hoped but thats because I sleped too long:sarcastic:
Will ad the boot next and more poly rows at the creases to make it look cleaner.



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Talk about fast modeling. I think you nailed the general layout. Makes me want to do one myself... As for Max, when you are done with this model i am sure you will be quite used to the program.
As for clunkers, how about a missing hubcap? (-;


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Thanks for your nice comments guys!

@PALAT:well I have even more crazy ideas for missing parts!Top secret!!

Little update since progress was slow last week.