C&J Contest: 1951+ Vw type 2 t1

i thought to post a little update on the vehicle, this time is a studio render mint condition :)
i didnt spend much time on the headlight yet, and there is no interior but still i hope you like it


yes, i decided to ditch the rust on this one

hehe, joking, there will be rust and dents, plenty, but since i was messing around with mental ray i decided to post some shots when the car is in good condition also :p
i havent decided on the final color yet, it can change, but i will see on that later.
still struggling with the background modeling and also experimenting with some textures, i will post some damage soon i hope.
I've made a few models of these vans some years ago. Your model seems quite good, except for the side windows. It may not be a big problem though if you are going to add rust and dents.
Good job!
hey everyone im back with a new update!!

this time is the depot in the background, this thing is huge!! its got more polys than the van itself :)
it has about 3500 small windows which i will have to texture...
moist, dirt, rust, tetanus, broken glass, you name it :)
let me know what you think about this render

thx for watching