C&J Contest: 1951+ Vw type 2 t1

Hello everyone!
I see an impressive number of contestants on this one, and here comes one more!!
This is my rust-in-peace contribution to the contest which i have started today, i am not very far so there is nothing yet to see really, but i will try to keep up!!



The corners of your door are too sharp. Your windshield is too squared, and the sharp crease is wavy.
I know it's a WIP, but I would give the advice to fix those kind of things before adding detail :)
thanks for pointing that out Nighteye, i just now realised that i was working only by blueprints and i didnt look at the details on the real thing...
Great choice of car rickyss. Really cool.8)

Made a good start too. Agree with Nighteye but thats no problems at this early stage.

Looking forward to more.


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I saw this and thought:yay,somebody is doin the van from LOST season 3,but hmm...its a T1.
Well good looking so far,but not bumpy enough:p
hi all!! i had some little time today to make some changes, i have rebuilt some parts of the model and fixed some minor glitches, here it is a small update


after working intensively today, im starting to see the model taking some kind of shape, i still have some fixing to do in the wires and then i shall start detailing.
i just realised that i have never rendered wires before so maybe someone can point me in the right direction there because im sure this is not the way to do it :)
anyway i wanted to share my progress, critics most welcome


I think the roof sticks out too much at the front. Also the side windows should be a little more curved inwards, so that the roof at the top is thinner in the X axis.

Check the very appropriate refpic :D


hehe, i know about the roof but it depends on the model really, im going for the ones made a couple of years after this very first year of production. i know the topic says 1951 but the one im after is actually a 1953-54 i think :p



Here is an update with the finished van, i think i got a bit carried away with the tires modeling he tread but im pretty happy with how it turned out.
i have already started modeling a derelict industrial building which is going to be in the background, but looks like it is pretty much work to do there also.
crits are welcome as always, i hope you like it



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Wow that was FAST!
I have been long wanting to do a VW Bus, but i don't think i will get to this level so let it be,,,
Just to nitpick, the front wheelarch can be straighter on top,
Don't overjunk this beauty... (-:
i got here the beginning of a building and some testing with the concrete, not much to see yet but just an idea of how i want it to look

i know there are some small things to fix with the van, but im pretty sick of it now, im gonna work a bit on the enviro and then fix that up.
hope you like it



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Nice start of making enviro but your ground texture is too big. I mean the stones around this cracked concrete are too big if compare to car.
Other than that you're doing a nice job
i noticed that too janusz, but thats a simple fix.
im still not sure about the final scene composition, but i think i'll fix that when i have all the elements in place