Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport (2011)


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U all guys know the Veyron, but maybe not everybody know the Super Sport version, the one with the upgraded engine, with 200 hp more so that it reaches 1.200 hp.
The main feature of this car is the top speed of 269.08 mp/h (434 km/h), who makes it the faster production car ever. Ok, ok, we have at least 2 cars who should be evn faster (Koenigsegg Agera R 2013 and Hennessey Venom GT 2013) , but they've never been officially tested, so these performances remain on the chart at the moment.
I've added a tab with the tested performances of this particular Veyron, so u can see for example that til 200 km/h this car is as fast as the Hennessey and a bit better than the Agera R. Gaining speed, the Venom passes away the Veyron because of the lightness (we're speaking about very closed differences). So, we have into the classical 0-300 km/h 13,6 for the Venom GT(world Guinnes record), 14,6 for the Agera R and 14,6 for the heavy Veyron too. So, same time than the Agera R which is 500 kg lighter thou...!
Obviously, the Veyron has been built non only for this, but to be incredibly luxurious , comfortable and manageable every single day. Besides, even if probabilly both the Agera R both the Venom GT are faster on the track if u are professional drivers with all the electronic aids OFF, the medium driver would be much faster with the Veyron SS, since it's very easy to drive, gentle, and forgives the most of the errors.
Again, the Veyron SS can be driven on every kind of surface, every kind of meteo, rain, snow, wrecked tarmac and so on. The other two require perfect surfaces, dry tarmac and suitable meteo conditions. This makea the Veyron complexively faster in the real life.

Anyway, to back to be the fastest production car also into the long acceleration and top speed, Bugatti engineers soon will releasing a new benchmark, the Super Veyron (or Hyper Veyron), 1.600 hp and capable of almost 500 km/h. With 250 kg less.

Now, some pics to show the differences who distinguish the 16.4 Super Sport compared to the classical 16.4.

Now, if i can express my personal opinion, no car is as good looking as the Aventador, designed by the italian Nicola Perini, who basically followed the teachments of the legendary Marcello Gandini (Countach, Diablo, Stratos etc.). Substancially the Veyron is always been a bit clumsy and squat imo. It's not a matter of performances, i just think the Aventador is simply awesome, elegant and aggressive the same time, and no car has the same impact to the viewer (imo).




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Well, for what i've understood, it seems to be a very gentle car , really comfortable, with every gadget to relax the driver. The only true issue is the rear window, as little as it's difficult to see what happens on the back. But this is a common problem in this kind of cars. I usually drive a van for work, so i'm used
The width too could be a problem, but it's not larger than my Sprinter 316 CDI...ehe.
The reliability of this car is legendary by now, maybe just a few knows that Ferdinand Piech personally wanted this car to do a serie of 20 launch controls without stopping. The car was fresh like at the beginning. No car can do it without to destroy the clutch, the gearbox and the engine block, that's why , for example, Porsche and BMW has a limit of 3 or 5 launch control within an estabilished time.The same for Ferrari and Lambos.
Let's be clear guys, this car worths its price in my opinion. Probabilly, after Oscar J make me see some videos about the Agera R building, the Agera too should be closed to this level of reability.
I have some doubts instead about P1, LaFerrari and Venom GT. No official infos about the Paganis, even if i knew of some little problem for the first Zondas. And when i pay such a price i want no issues of course...
Porsche dissappointed me a bit when i knew the 997 MkI (til 2010) has had some troubles on the engine basement. It didn't involve the Turbo, GT2 and GT3 anyway, which had a different basement. I mean, some creeks appeared quite frequently there. The problem has been solved with the MKII, but it remains a stain for Porsche.