Bugatti Chiron

Hello everyone. I am a student Vehicle artist in my final year of my degree. Below is a link to my latest project on Artstation as well as a couple of renders (there are more on Artstation). I would love some feedback on the project so that I can improve my work as much as possible in my final year. I also have a blog on my Artstation of some of the techniques I used in the creation of the chiron as well as all my reference. Any questions be sure to ask.

Artstation - (I cant link the project for some reason so click the link and go to the chiron project)


Interior edit.jpg
Model is good. now u need to improve ur materials and lighting. the wire shows a good modelling but the lighting is kinda confusing and materials look like plastic like a toy car.

can u put some clay renders? only gray material with no wire?