beautiful art work!!!! Love it. wanted to do something similar with a 6 series, looks like its back to the drawing board. great work :D


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Very nice, good sense of motion, love the driver holding the car on opposite lock with one hand. :)

Is the driver a full 3D model ?

And the tyre smoke, is that drawn on the backplate, or particles ?



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Beautiful work Duron. Great composition, great color balance, the mood, it all works great! As mentioned earlier, that tire smoke on the right rear is drawing some attention. It's both too dense, and it doesn't have much falloff range. Aside from that, this is absolutely brilliant!!!
This concept is precisely what I was trying to do in my work lately but I could not manage to make a nice enough wheels motion blur and I could not find appropriate HDRI background too. But anyways I am glad that someone else had the same idea like me and managed to make it into an real CG image.:)


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This work is all that i'd like to create, perfect modeling, perfect render, perfect composition and sense of speed. My best congrats !!! Yours is really a top notch artistic work technically outstanding .


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Beautiful render,just like the rest of your work,i specially like the curbed motion blur that you gave to the background image.Did you used VirtualRig?