BMW M5 F10

The car looks ace, but I agree with the others, the motion blur isn't nice on the bg, its too grainy. Also, not sure but it looks like reflections on the car aren't blurred.


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It's surely a fantastic work, i'm very far from it, bt if i'm allowed to write a thing, well, i think there's an issue on the front side. If u look carefully at the join bumper/fender, u'd note that the bumper line doesn't follow the arc of the wheel. U can see it on the black one render, at the beginning of the thread, side view.
About the rest, what can i say? It's great !


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Btw, i apologize for the issues which i thought there were, i've carefully checked this car , and your model is perfect in that part i've mentioned above.
Bt, tell me, do u belong to this planet or are u an alien? Compared to your M5 my Maserati Quattroporte seems just garbage !!!! :sneer:


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Looks great to me. Good feeling of movement.

Is there a little AO/compositing bleed on the edge of the main shadow. just close to the main shadow it looks very uniform compared to the road texture elsewhere.

Just nitpicking. ;)




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Just keep trying and you will get to my level someday or get higher ;) Im a normal person.

I'm not using any AO but this is still weird. Good eye ;)
Thank you



Duron Hey you get well wish to ask your BMW M5 on the envelope in GTA IV, animate your miracle ... If you agree then I skinesh auto email to desertfox _1.93 @'ll wait with respect DesertFox ;)

Duron Hey you get well möchten Ihr BMW M5 auf dem Umschlag in GTA IV zu stellen, animieren Sie Ihre Wunder ... Wenn Sie dann stimme ich auto-Mail skinesh zu desertfox _1.93 @ werde mit Respekt desertfox warten


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Thanks DesertFox but im not going to share my model atm - sorry.

Thank you mate :) Well there's no updates atm, i have to do other things at the moment, doing many sketching for the upcoming M6 (bodykits etc). I will soon return to 1M and show some updates maybe :) I will let you know.

:eek: ... well, I only have on question ..
is there any chance that I could be a modeler and renderer in the same level of yours ?

My God!
Very nice renders !

Could you share the material set up for that matte black on the 4th render? I have been trying to achieve that look, but cant seem to get it looking that great.
Hi every one, this is Ann.
Actually i am just fan of this car you can say that Crazy for the BMW. All the information and pics of the BMW's are so nice