BMW M5 E60

Here's a link the data PDF file from BMWs homepage.
The "blueprints" are vector images så zoom as much as you want.
Pehaps someone could "extract" the images to gif files. The "printscreens" i get from the sid view isn't that good.
Sorry for not attaching a proper file but hope you like it... :D

Edit: Eh...sorry but hold on few minutes and I'll attach what I got.


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Thanks Peter ;)
Emil J said:
Me like alot! :D
What software did you use?
Adobe Photoshop to open the .pdf file
(high dpi)
then I save it as a highres .bmp (in this case the .bmp had a size of 14.9 mb :roll: )

and then I use IrfanView for converting it to a .gif (8 colors, greyscale)
Best result in file size for me.

Never thought of "opening" the PDF file.. I trid to import it thugh..but it looked for images and ofcourse nothing happend.


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Excellent work, Swen. You' re getting the hang of it. :D

One remark though: 8 grays is the absolute minimum.
While 16 grays will increase your filesize ( almost double it to 450kb, it gives a result that is indistinguishable from the original image, without some ragged edges ( see image below - left 16 grays, right your 8 grays image )
Anyway, a job well done.

Now for those with no access to Photoshop or any other image manipulating software that is able to open pdf- files:
Open de file in Acrobat, select the image using the image-selection tool, zoom in to the required size, copy and then paste it in your image- manipulating software.
Make sure you have enough RAM available for large sizes though...
Of course, this only works for vector based pdf's. Image based ones should be zoomed to " actual size " before copying.



Guys, thanks to all of you (prints, tutorials, and suggestions).
As for the prints... :shock: :shock: I wiil go for it after the SLK.

Cheers Dario


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Errr... freezing for two minutes ? Is that on a normal phone line or broadband ?

Anyway, Swen, to be honest, I cheated a bit ( it is not a necessity but it makes life easier :) ) by opening the pdf in the full Acrobat first - deleting the unwanted pages and removing the blue background and text.
Then I opened the pdf in Canvas ( I know you have that ) and rendered the vector drawing.
I could have imported the original file of course, but some pdf' s are pretty complicated and contain thousands of objects you need to get rid off before being able to render the image properly.
That' s why there' s one of the numbers missing... deleted that too... :)

However, it is perfectly possible to get a clean image by doing it as I mentioned in the earlier post above.



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You naughty You ! 8)

! Forgot to add in my previous post: when rendering a vector file, make sure you always check " ANTIALIASING " otherwise the lines will be very jaggy.
Thanks for the blueprints (although I already made my own ultra-high res version from the pdf a while ago ;)). I've always wondered... you know the BMW blueprints always have a thick, black outline all around the different views. Does anyone know if the actual car size is from the OUTER rim of that thick border, or the INNER rim? I've modeled quite a few BMW's myself and while I've compared both sizes, the surfaces are sensibly the same. Does anyone know for sure?