BMW M5 - "Bullet"


BMW M5 - "Bullet" - High Performance Art

BMW Canada decided to present this well-executed video to talk about its car model M5. Called “Bullet Art”. this super slow-motion footage boastes the car performances. A very talented ad using a mix of CG and real footage to show off the car on a very spectacular course.

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BMW Canada approved this? I can't say this really matches the quality of most other vehicle ads out there, not just on a CG art standpoint, but in terms of storyboarding and execution. I got bored, it needs to cut to the chase and show us the good stuff, and only the good stuff.

Artistically, the camera moves are not realistic at all. We don't get to capture very many of the cars brilliant features and beautiful lines. The balloon and glass captures seemed well done, and the last target crash was ok, but the were dragged on and on. The tunnel was pointless to me as well.

This seems like a fan made "commercial" to me. If so, then for a fan, someone who does this as a hobby, it's good. If this was made by a professional studio, contracted by BMW, this is below par.

The BMW 1M Coupe commercial didn't have great CG elements in it, the few that it needed, and this falls very very short of that.


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In my opinion, the biggest issue is that it lacks of dust when the car is running. Dust should be in that desert land!
Impacts are really well done thou.


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On my way to work today I saw an M5 ad at a bus stop, of it crashing through the apple. I don't watch TV, so I can't tell you if there are commercials or not, but atleast this is showing up in print ads. Atleast they can fix things with Photoshop in this case, lol.


The bullet which goes through apples , the new M5 :D :D

Even the new Mercedes Class Commercial is more interesting than this. Sound doesn't make you feel the car has 560HP , nothing like that in the commercial, it just goes through things... :/ On the other hand that Mercedes CM sound design makes the car feel like it has brutal power because of the deep vibes.