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Hi guys,

I'm here with my next project of bmw e60 M5. I love this car and would be great to own one. Because I'm not that rich, I've decided to make a 3d model at least. On the pictures you can see my "modest beginning". It's not going too fast but I have a lot of time :) Right now I have a hard times with the front bumper. Still don't know how the ideal patch layout should looks like. C&C are welcomed of course :)

bmw e60 M5.jpg bmw e60 M5-2.jpg bmw e60 M5-3.jpg bmw e60 M5-4.jpg 6883863528_9ca4336f6b_o.jpg
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I'm not very familiar with NURBS, so for me your start looks perfect :) I think this will be as nice as your A5. Keep it up.


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Nice and clean start. NURBS are great for surfacing, but not as suitable as polys for intricated forms like for example BMWs M bumpers so you'll have your headaches but at the end you'll sort it ;)


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Good start! I'm glad to see you start a new modeling project, did you ever look into rendering the other project, or no?


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of course mate :)

bmw6.jpg bmw7.jpg bmw9.jpg bmw10.jpg

... the basic shape of the bumper is still not finished yet as you can see. I have to figure out how to manage one last part. Meanwhile I still work on existing parts to improve accuracy.


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Hi everybody,

here is just a very small update of this beauty and the beast in one :D Finally I managed the rear part and I'm satisfied with the result for now, so I can focus to next part.

bmw11.jpg bmw12.jpg bmw13.jpg bmw14.jpg


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another small update here ...

bmw35.jpg bmw32.jpg bmw40.jpg

the basic shape of side skirts is finished but a small adjustments are still needed ... I played also with cuttings just to see how the surfaces look with them.


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back to the rear part ...

bmw41.jpg bmw42.jpg bmw43.jpg

now I have to make the trunk, the whole roof and the transition between them ... something is telling me that it would not be a easy job :D


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thanks :D

the rim is jagged due to my display settings which I have in rhino ... the work is much faster and easier with this settings, especially when you have a lot of surfaces, and your cpu is slow :D

btw good point!


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hi guys,

just a few shots with my actual progress. I had to rework some parts because I was not satisfied with the accuracy. This is a MUST before I'll start with detailing. In the meantime of course I also worked on some new parts :)

bmw80.jpg bmw82.jpg bmw83.jpg bmw85.jpg
Hi, I see you are entering a lot of effort, do you use the diagnostic shaders who tell you is surfaces is accurate
I ask this because I work on Audi A5 Coupe 2017 with alias and I must say that there are lots of places where it appears surface is correct but when turn on for example Iso angle i see a different story.
I am workin in alias I think now 10 years and I must say it is very difficult to get accurate surface ,with accurate reflections single span five degree G2-G3 on primary, secondary surfaces at least
I know you not use alias but Rhino and Shape Modeling Plugin I have experience with it, but I'm using alias it is easier for me to work in it.
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Hi guys, thanks for your comments.

@OXYDO: Alias is great choise, has much better tools then Rhino imo, but I don't like that interface. When I started with 3D, I've decided for Rhino just because I found a great tutorial how to model Audi R8 in Rhino, but I still think that Alias is better. But I can't imagine that I would work without that plugins made by Autodesk and work only with Rhino's basic tools.
Back to your question, I use shaders, but not to check accuracy but to check continuity of my surfaces. I'm using only two - zebra and sky texture from Alias, which is my favourite. For accuracy I'm playing more with curves.
As a continuity I work only with G2, G3 is not necessary for my purposes.
Btw I've also worked on Audi but 2012 model. Do you have a WIP thread somewhere or some pictures? I would like to see it if you don't mind.

@BOJA: Thank you for your kind words :) ... but I'm still a beginner. When I see some other guys what they can do, I feel like I about to cry :D
And yes I'm using Rhino with a few Autodesk plugins.