BMW E36 Sedan

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Hey guys
here's my new project.. spent around 30-40 mins working on it so far
nothing really much just decided i would post right from the begining instead of half way through.. mainly because i feel comfortable with this car and wont just quit after 2 days lol... Not sure how far i'm gonna go with this car but theres heaps of refs and i just might jump i little bit further into modeling and do bits of the interior :).. but we'll have to wait and see..

Anyway here are the renders... C&C always welcome..




this is very clean...keep going.....but one do you make that black line?....look at this attachament:



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Looks good. Around the front grille area there is supposed to be an additional part. (the chrome part on the pic i posted)
Reminds me of times when i used to be on a BMW spree, too bad i lost all of my projects though, my e34 or e30 could be good friends with yours.


hey guys
just a small update on the actual car, just did the front bumper which i did lik a week ago just forgot to update u guys
Also u will notice that ive started the engine, this is the first engine i have ever done, so i didnt really wanna start of doing heaps of details with great accuracy because i didnt wanna blow my mind and be discouraged off modeling engines..
so ive kept it very basic and rough just to get everything there then i might go back and add in more details.. i need ref pics of the main engine as all i have is a sketch that someone posted in the blueprints section (sorry forgot who it was)..

I need to do the engine bay aswell because atm the engine is just floating but im gonna move on with the car before i do anymore on the engine..
Anyway here are the renders..


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