blueprints unaccessable


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hy im a reg member and i cannot access all the blue prints only the highlighted ones. is there a reason for not being able to access them. most frustrating. thank you for your time i can only open the ones with the thumbnail on the left . surely there are more than this


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there are still areas where the site is down .. so I would assume that's the case here, in case you aren't checking regulary, SMC was down for like 2 weeks


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If you missed reading the other thread here's a quote from exidge

"There are still many things and the most important one: the attachments - to fix. So don't wonder if there is something happeneing on the site again.
My apology for the delay, I was on vacation and didn't have enough time to check the forum."

The sites not completely 'normal' so to speak. So keep up with the updates from the admin here.