Blueprint Request: Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 (W263, 2012-Present)

I have searched the interwebs extensively including this very website, to no avail.

Supposedly the 'new' G63 AMG (a 2012 revision of the W463) has resulted in what my research tells me is the "W263" model (forgive me if these are incorrect).

I guess it is just a G550 with a slightly different exhaust and front fender but I would still be greatly appreciative of any blueprints/orthographic drawings, specific to this, that anybody could provide me :)

Thanks in advance!!

EDIT: It is still named the W463 apparently...

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OK so I found the G65 AMG blueprints on this site with the search engine, but I am not sure if it is that much different to the G63 if at all, aesthetically. Could anyone provide an opiniion, I personally can't see much of a difference aside from an excessive use of chrome.


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My suggestion is to follow the SMC's blueprints as main guide, then collect as much references as possible for the minor details and little differences.
Yeah, I went ahead with that very notion; have already modelled the common parts such as alloys, tyres, lights and basic shape. I will gather a few more images and make a list of small changes :) thanks for the input!