Blueprint NAMES : read this first !


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Ok, it' s me again...

Last night, I' ve been moving some of the threads in this Blueprint donation Holding area to their final locations.

To make it easier and a lot less time consuming for me and the other moderators, I would like to add a little guideline for naming your donations.
It would also make it easier for all of us - the forum visitors - to browse all these pages, isn' t it ?

- First of all, your title should look something like this:
Chevrolet Corvette (1956) and not 1956 Corvette for instance.
( most of you do this perfectly right, so thanks, and keep on doing so :) )

- Most blueprints here, are car- related, but we have many other prints as well, like aeroplanes, tanks, ships, trains and the like.
If you are posting NON- car blueprints, it would be nice to add that to your title, like this:
( Aircraft ) Boeing 707 (1956), or ( Ship ) USS washington etc.

- Now for naming the attachments ( the actual prints ) , it would be nice to give those an appropriate name as well.
Things like 375 plus.gif, attachment-1.gif, File0025.gif or whatever, are pretty meaningless when you try to find a particular print saved on your harddrive or backup cd' s...
Why not use the proper name, like Ferrari_375_Plus.gif or simply Ferrari375plus.gif ?
However, very long filenames should be avoided, since certain operating systems have difficulties reading these, so make it no longer than needed.
Something like Alfa Romeo Spider Tourins Gran Sport 1931 could be named Alfa_Spider_GS_31 ...

Hope you all get the idea:)





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I'd like to see a small description of the print too. Especially if it's just a one view, reference drawing with perspective or something of that nature. It would save a lot of time when you search for quality prints for your next project to know what it is without actually needing to open the drawing.



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No problem, Flash:p

Scooter, I know what you mean, but that would make the titles way too long and maybe even "messy".
The small thumbnails below the messages make for shorter loading times when opening a thread and are big enough to give an idea of the actual print, so I guess we' ll have to live with it...



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Well, I write "Alfa Romeo Brera-2008" to my thread. Is it correct, or wrong? Can yu explain it please.
Thanks very much.


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Thanks very much, Johnas. I don't know how to name it but now I know it. Thanks again.
Have a nice day.