Black Racing Pro N1 Rim Pack (maya)

Error has orccued while reading this scene. that may result in data loss.
Please check the script editor for details.

is it maya 8.5? im 8.0 :(
Yes, it is 8.5. The file is .ma though, so just open it up with wordpad and change the text in the top few lines (anywhere it says "Maya 8.5") to "Maya 8.0". That should allow you to view it. If not, I'll load the scene tonight/tomorrow and get an obj here for you guys.

I must say, thanks.
Though, when i used these rims on a WIP 350Z, I noticed that the center of the rims where the wheel hub is placed is slightly oval.
Otherwise I am impressed.
Here's a test render using Eagle F-1 tires.