BBS LM-R Centerlock + Porsche Carbons

Hard to believe I've had an account at this forum for almost a decade now, I bet nobody here even remembers me (then again I wouldn't remember anyone else anyway haha!)

Anyways, was recently actually hired on for a side job of 3d stuff, not allowed to show much, but I am quite proud and happy with this, it's a BBS LMR turned centerlock along with the 2015+ design Porsche calipers for sports vehicles and their carbon 2pc. rotor.

All modeled by me in 3dsmax and rendered with Vray

Thanks for looking!
how can we forget you XC i was really surprised you posted something here good to see youre still doing 3d stuff
Easy enough to forget when changing projects each month right? hehehe

It's been an in and out process. I finally "got back into it" about a year and a half ago, and it's stuck a bit since then. I certainly have missed it.

It's quite impressive what people are doing and how insane everything has become over the past decade!
What we considered "real" then, is quite sad to look at by today's standards lol, but then again, there were some people back then doing some stuff that is still hard to imagine even today! (I recall the guy doing the old late 60's Z28 Camaro from a shop manual, and how poly heavy it was; nearly every nut and bolt). I still can't imagine doing that kind of work today.

Pretty cool stuff.

I've been hunting around the forums for a few months now to check things out and see what's up. Happy to see this forum still somewhat alive and kicking! Well... out of the several I remember being part of at least.