Audi TT Group Project - Anyone can be in it now!

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Okay if you choose you can start tonight or tommorow. But the offical start is the 4th. After the 7th whoever hasnt finish or hasnt entered and finished is not in anymore. And i will be keeping track and updating the list of whos in.

So here is my hood and my wire.

yoo redstar, count me in!
i just have a question... ull be the only one posting the progress right? i mean if everyone will be posting their WIP's, this thread will be loaded and harder to navigate through... thats just my opinion.

how else will you keep track of everyone if they're up to date? maybe you can make a chart or something of those who are in the contest, and mark their progress.

sorry for my essay lolz
Well this is not a contest its a sorta live tutorial ina way except you do it and ill help. And yes, post here. Iv seen these things being done on and they work fine so lets see how it works for us.
Hey..I tryed a few times at the hood but im having a bit of a hard time with it..i keep getting lost about half way through the hood. I have been trying to start in hte middle of the hood near the top of it but its just not working. Were should i start the hood from? I am kinda new to car modeling.
Guys you can download my usefull picture pack here:
it contains:
- high resolution coupe blueprint ( better than the one we have here)
- High resolution photos of exterior and interior and technic
- Low resolution fotos of interrior and technic

ps, Redstar, maybe you can put this link in your start post

Reference Pack

this is what i got:


I know this is my first post, but i´ve just found this forum a day ago so... :grin:

I´m kinda new to the CG world but i´d like to join that project!

And a question:
- Will weekends count as days?

thank you!


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Well I hope I have the bonnet as close as possible. I shall be only doing a render at this stage, cant find my prog for screen dumps, due to shifting.
Shall do wire soon as I find it.

C&C most welcome



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