Audi R8 v10 plus 2015

Hi guys. I've started my second 3D car project. The first one was the Ford Shelby GT500 and it was a learning project for me as I do 3d modelling for a hobby nothing more.

In this project I started with the spline cage which is the first time I do it and I found it interesting.
Then I'm gonna try do the Basic mesh + TS1 tech. which I saw here in several projects and I liked the idea.

So what I'm gonna do here is to create a low poly basic mesh and then add the TS1 to enhance the details of the car.

I'm doin' a low poly basic mesh so I don't get a lot of geometry that I wouldn't be able to handle.

again I'm still a beginner and this is the second car I do. so my work might not be accurate and here where I'm counting on you gusy for your C&Cs :)


Yeah ..that's just the basic mesh for now. and it's smoothed by smooth groups to keep the car shape that's y it looks like that.
Next step is that I'mma apply TS1 then work on details from there.

Thanx :)