Audi A8 W12 2012

3D MAX Poly

45 days

Made in China



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Brilliant work mate! I would have liked to see the process how it was made though. I love to see WIP when the car is coming together. Could you show your next car from the whole beginning? :)
But for now I am waiting to see awesome renders with this one!



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good, lets see a real render now :) with reflections and materials and stuff, I feel that saying it was made in china was a little unnecessary since you live there. Like, if i wrote MADE IN AMERICA, that would be a little strange. Anyways, nice job :)
Absolutely amazing! Great job! How did u make all the wiring on the leather interior? Is there a plugging or something, or by hand, a small piece of wire and then multiply and put in place, piece by piece? Or a spline trajectory on which you've put all the wires? I would like to know, Thanks, and great job again!
Great work, fantastic details on the subject of details of interior I love to make one but have a feeling that other than the artist and smcars members appreciate the efforts, the modlling of the stitches is covered in one of tutor
This is a beautiful model,I would love to make renderings with models with this level of details
congratulations to the effort man :)