Auburn / Cord (1931) three models

Here are three versions of 1931 Auburn.
The cars are described in the folowing patents:
A.H. Leamy: Des. 84,484 June 23, 1931 (phaeton)
A.H. Leamy: Des. 84,529 June 30, 1931 (convertible coupe)
A.H. Leamy: Des. 85,532 Nov 10, 1931 (sedan or is it a "brougham?)

Also, the patent that describes the design of the radiator used on these cars was issued E.L. Cord as the first(!) author:
E.L. Cord, H.C. Snow and D.C. Hollister: Des.84,625 July 14, 1931

It would be nice if the admins could place these drawings in the "Cord" section rather than "Miscellaneous". It might also be that the title of the section could be changed to "Auburn/Cord". Because the name of the company that used to manufacture Cord cars was in fact "Auburn Automobile Co".