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First off word came down from my friend Mat ( Envoy) He owns the place in case you didnt know. Any how this is nothing personal its just website business. We have no need for over 11k of members half of which who are not around anyway. I also realize weve probably had generous blueprint donations from a few members who dont have 15 posts, this is also not aimed at you either. Anyhow you should get an email anytime. Bottom line you are over 15 posts then just ignore the email and this News messsage. Thanks, Icekid84

Dear all SMCars Members...

I would like to express my concern about dead beat members. It has come to my attention, that there is less then 2000 members how have posted here out of the 11,000 or so members we have right now. It seems everyone is just leeching the forum, not caring about anyone else, ever heard of the saying, in order to recieve what you want, you must help out as well. Well, maybe its not a saying, something i just thought up. Ok but anyways, everyone who wants to keep their accounts, will need to post on the forum more then 15 times in the next 3 weeks, when the 3 weeks is up (Friday June 11th, 2004) anyone with less then 15 posts, will be deleted.

Any questions, email me or better yet, post on the forum :p
That's not the attitude we want. That way you'll be banned too. Atleast, that's my opinion.
You post not because you have to, but because of showing your work, or donating prints. Spamming (As I've already got a list with 11 people who just post shit to not getting banned), will result in a ban too... Keep that in mind.


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Chemicalweapons said:
1 down 14 more to go.. I guess its time to start posting ..!
Btw have a closer look at what Ice said.You have 2 weeks to get those 15 posts so you dont have to spam.2 weeks is more than enough time for posting non-spam posts that would actually be of some use :)
Compelled to post - ha! That's something new.

And what about those who can't "show what they got" since they
- don't have no rare blueprints;
- aren't modelling ?

For those, I presume, there is only one way out: Unregister manually, since they get kicked automatically if they
- don't post 15 times;
- post 15 times, but "spam".

Super! That's the way I like it. :lol:

Lemme see which group I do belong to... :?:
Re: account deletions

Dear Administrator (envoy),


As someone brand new to this forum (check your records) and 3d modeling in particular I find your position most upsetting. Of all the forums and topics I have been a part of over the years, I have never experienced such a caustic attitude toward the members of the forum. This is not the best way to promote your forum. This is especially true of a forum which openly seeks donations. I have read the dead beat member threads present throughout the forum and although I understand, I think you are wrong in maintaining this position. As stated I'm new to this forum. I have a 10 hour per day, 6 day a week job. Some days I can't even find time to check my personal email let alone post some stupid thread strictly to increase my numbers. I have a ton of questions and my 3d software of choice is not one supported by your forum (Amapi designer 7 / AutoCad). Look back at some of the responses people get to asking for help when using a low end 3d package in particular, (NightEye sticks in my mind). Thing like "gee guy I don't know - never used it" That's real helpful. Therefore I'm reluctant to post a question and get the usual insulting responses I have seen here. If this forum is only for those you can afford $1000.00 plus software for a mere hobby, then say so. BTW, I'm CAD manager by trade - hence AutoCad. To bad, I felt this was the best information/inspiration source on the net. Guess I was wrong. I belong to forums I haven't posted at in month's and none have deleted me, and the hightimers are much more helpfull and a lot less condesending.

As I said I have been in plenty of different forums in the past and the thing I dislike most are responses from the dominate members (read high poster's) who do nothing but slam the rest us when we seek advise. Seems to me those are the people who should be deleted. If they have nothing constructive to add to a thread then they need not post. Posting for the sake of generating numbers is a waste of bandwith and my limited time for reading this forum. The one common thread among every forum I have ever been in are the posts from hightimers you feel they must respond to everything they read. Perhaps you should look at the content of the posts vs. the number. NightEye comes to mind once again. I thought this was a place to learn, get help and seek inspiration. I must be wrong. To me a leech would be someone coming here and downloading everything in sight and not contributing anything in return. Give a new member a break Guy. It takes time to learn something new and I for one do not want to waste your bandwidth only to be insulted by other's. 3d modeling is a new area for me. I have been doing aircraft for some time now (low poly for flight sims). I could overwhelm you with blueprints for that (also realtime pilot) but thats not the subject of this forum is it.

I would love to stay and become a supportive part of this forum perhaps even donate. But not if this is your take toward low posters (read newbies). however if you read this at all given your attitude I'm sure you'll delete me before June 11.

In the mean time I'll will post this to the forum in as many places as I can and see what I can do to clog up your bandwidth and meet my quota.

Sadfully yours,
I understand you completely thulme. I have rethought the whole 15 post count deal. I might look into deleteing members who have not logged into the forum within the last 3 or 4 months. If anyone has any comments on this, let me know, should it be long then 4 months or what?
Although you have a point, thulme, I don't see why my name is coming up. You're registered just a few days, and you think I'm a master spammer who doesn't give critics, and say things like "gee guy I don't know - never used it".
That might be your image of me, but I'm not like that. I've never said anything like that (check the record if you want). I'm maybe the most involved person at this board, maybe posting the most with sometimes simple comments. But most of the time I have something useful to say, and I'm helpful to both the members as the board (That's why I got the Mod status. To help the forum.).
I don't like you attitude against me.

That's just something I had to say.
Re: account deletions


Not my intent to pick on you specifically. You seem to be in almost ever thread I read. Since I'm new I had not really noticed your status as moderator. Point taken, my bad, my apologies. In the future i'll be more attentive to a members status. Assuming I have a future here.


Lack of login is a more effective means then the 15 post rule. Many other forums handle it that way. It would be a bit more fair. As for me two month's without post would be ok IMHO.

Re: account deletions

Sorry, forgot to reply :oops:
thulme said:

Not my intent to pick on you specifically. You seem to be in almost ever thread I read. Since I'm new I had not really noticed your status as moderator. Point taken, my bad, my apologies. In the future i'll be more attentive to a members status. Assuming I have a future here.
It's okay :wink:
I'm a forgiving person :mrgreen:
i sympathise with the position you guys are in, but im also a little bit confused.
i pop in here everyday to see what has been donated, if the car is something im interested in/intrigued by ill have a look, if it is then something i like ill save it.
i havent donated any prints as i have no prints to add. im currently making my first ever model using prints that i didnt obtain from this site.
where im confused is that i dont really know if im welcome here as a member:- i havent contributed in the slightest with regards to actually donating blueprints, a couple of times ive help correct thread titles, i sometime check the request thread to either second a request or try point someone in the right direction, but generally i dont post as i have nothing to say.
im glad the 15 post idea has been dropped, because it would be quite easy for me to rack up 1000+ post simply saying "nice print" to everything that get donated, but whats the point?
this site is great, and does the community a great service, but i honestly dont know if im actually welcome here as a member as it stands.

regards, simon
I'm kinda new to this forum and I started to post more frequently since I got cable (before that I had dial-up)!

The 15 blueprints lower limit seems a little bit harsh, as not all members come here to post prints. Some of them post WIP's or renders and apreciate the feedback.

My opinion is that you should take into consideration other things too when deleting members, things like: number of threads started, number of replies as reported to the total number of views and date since that member joined.

As an example: I joined in november 2003, and I now have 24 posts and 3 or 4 blueprints posted, but my posts/day ratio is small as I only started to post daily recently! On the other hand there maybe members who joined a long time ago, posted more than 15 times and then just gave up this forum.

In my opinion you should start by deleting members with very little or no activity.

Hope this comes out right !
You're most welcome at this forums, just aslong as you show your WIPs out here, as a thank of using the prints you found here.
But then again, it's not only obligated to show, it's helpfull too, since people can critise to improve your model/render/whatsoever. :wink:

ShinyG said:
The 15 blueprints lower limit seems a little bit harsh, as not all members come here to post prints. Some of them post WIP's or renders and apreciate the feedback.
That's already dropped, and noone ever said anything about 15 prints :?
Just go on with your life...
It's just an action to delete inactive members...
Coming in a little late here. But as a new member I have felt the same as thulme. How can one start modeling cars, if there is no place welcome to help. How can one post 15 blueprints when one doesn't even now what is needed / wanted. That's even assuming they know how.

I came here to learn. I really really want to model cars! The blueprints and photos you offer are by far the most outstanding in quality, and quantity! I am more than willing to post WIP. But when this first came out I was worried I would be dropped before I even started. In the "General Discussion" area I have a post requesting help on setting up BP's as when I do it I get the same results. And those results a car can't be made. I got one reply which struck me as cool. The person replied and it made me think. I am hoping to solve my BP problem once I get a chance to get in Max and work with it. Hopefully later tonight. In the mean time I have been going through all the post I can to see what people are telling others. I really feel this is the place to be! I am glad to learn that the posting requirement was dropped! I would have never made 15 by the time limit without some sort of stupid reply to other post. I only make replies when I feel I can truely contribute to the matter. Or when a piece really stands out.

I want to thank the owner, and moderator's of this site for a job well done. I am glad I stuck it out!
Hawktoey : you seem like a nice guy, I'm sorry but this message is old now. If you would check your email that you registered here there is a much better and more fare way of deleting old members. No posts needed , I didnt make either rule up so I cant tell you the specifics but if you will please check your email there should be a new email from us in it. Btw hehe were not that mean, I think you got confused by reading someone elses confusion, no one ever had to donate 15 blueprints hehe. Again sorry and I hope we can all get past this little bump in the road.
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