Aston Martin DB9, V12, V8, DB2, Rapide, Virage

Hey those Blueprints were u have the Blue Prints for the new Aston Martin DBS....that is going to be used in the new James Bond movie Casino Royale


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Hi hossein, thanx for your kind words
DBRS9? -No
The DBS was in production 1967-1972 - No, but I have a prototype from 1969 an AM V8 LAGONDA - and an AM 1983 V8 VANTAGE

Sorry - something went wrong in my machinery (or was it 20 inches in front of my screen?).
Here's the rest of my "Quick Reply":
The Vantage is similar to the DBS, so I'll post the prototype and the Vantage
(+ a secret) in a very few days
ettore said:
Am I missing something? The prints, as I see them, are tiny dots with little detail. Would like more on the DB2. Thanks, Ettore
When you paste/save and insert them onto a program, they come out fine - they look like dots and dashes on my monitor too, but as I said, pasting/inserting them onto a program will make them look fine.
many thanx, man...i've been looking for the DB9 for a while for a large progect with a lot of super cars we are making...this one was missing it's not.

hope they fit perfectly.
Thanks a lot, I like blueprints like these very much. For I like repainting them with MS Paint and I always try to make them look like real cars. There's only one thing I'm sorry for: almost any blueprint - like these - show the outside of the car, without an interior, which makes an otherwise great blueprint incomplete.