Aston Martin DB9 (2009)

Hey Yall!

Here's a little project I'm working on in my sparetime. I'm going to do exterior (well duh..) and interior modeling, so stay tuned!

Comments and critique are welcome.

- Seb


ROLLAMAD: Thanks! I'm glad you think my modeling is helpful!

I will keep working on it all day, so tune in later for more updates!

- Seb


Braiz: When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good, your modeling will, hmmm? xD

Exidge: Thanks! You are absolutely right, there aren't a lot of Aston's around, though they are gorgeous to look at.

Here is a little stress test of the model with reflections. Can't find any dents og bumps, so I guess i'll start on the rear lights now :)



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Ooo looking nice and smooth. Aston Martins can be hard to model, at transitions from soft to hard shapes. Keep it up!
Good work there, it remind me modeling DBS two years ago... Details were exhausting. But worth... AM DBS <!--This is link of my old WIP from CGCars as reference if you are interested.
Oscar J: Thanks! Yeah, it's one of the trickiest cars iv'e modeled, specially the rear end is difficult to get nice flow at.

EquiNOX: Thanks! you can't get enough reference!

Here is a little update. Managed to find some sparetime to do some small details :)


nosalis: Im using good old max and vray. My scene as it is now is simply just a vray plane with VrayCarpaint Material in the override slot, a HDMI map and the toon effect to spice things up a bit :)

Come monday there will be more updates!