[AST] 2012 BMW 3er

Hi Romain,
Looks very good so far. Congrats.
I m seeing a change in your modelling skills, you are using different approaches, which is cool for sure.
What i m not understanding is why so many little patches, when class A is all about BIG patches, as you know. :)
I m sure there must be a reason. If you are using tolerances from 0.1-0.5 mm, i think you are pushing it very hard...Traditionally 1 mm is generally accepted as max tol.
Thx for sharing your work. Good stuff as usual.
thx raven. Actually i was quite sure bmw would be alot harder than audi to model. And the result with so many patches is showing that. To respect the highlights and relfections this appeared to be mandatory. My first attempts were made with big slabs but I discovered really fast that i needed to split to get much more control. Of course having the scan to compare my work helps a lot in this matter. there are a lot of line fading here and there so this is explaining also the patch layout in some place.

Don't hesitate to point out some of them if you're not convinced...I'll be glad to share more views/sections


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some progress on the front bumper.... still need to figure out the fog light area....again, edges fading in every places....
You mind sharing some CV's? Looks pretty good, what evaluation tools are you using other then deviation to the scan mesh? The conversation you and rav are having help a lot of us noobs so thanks!


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Good work but...aren't there too many surfaces inside the big red circle? And i see a gap inside the little red circle which will disappear thou after the blend.



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Thanks guys for support. I really had no time for this, end of 2014 was crazy at Renault (hope you will like the next Scenic next year ;-) ) and now I moved to a company and will become CEO this july...so not so much time for modelling....
Wow cool! Congrats Rain Knight! We don't have Renaults where I'm from, but I'll def check it out online. You know who else worked at Renault? Pierre Bézier the man himself.
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