Arnold Wong's Projects

Arnold, excelent work on The mod.
Is There any more pics of the F40 GTE and its liveries? can't wait to see it painted. Brilliant work you did on it. Its the most accurate F40 GTE i've ever seen. Too bad the F40 didn't make it on the first WSGT (it was looking good too), but now I can drive it in rfactor2 :D
Hey Arnold, ad me to the list of fans =)

I'd like to know how many iterations of TS you use at first before you start to optimize the mesh? I usually start my models at the wheel arches then work outward. Seems to work fine for me.

Is one iteration usually enough, or do you use two?

Your models are fantastic. Keep up the great work!


very nice work dude !

waiting to see the cockpit of it :D .

p.s isn't that much poly for rF2 ? and what's the polycount of the exterior with the 4 wheels .

cheers .