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Your model looks sharp and clean, pretty good level of details.

Can you post more view from different camera angles, and with higher resolution ?

Keep us updated, you're doing good job !


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Cool dude. I saw sometimes this Merc and it looks like plane without wings xD. Can't wait to see it finished and I hope you'll put it in some game :)
:D i know the feeling. I used to make SA mods on IT lessons in school. Those lessons are quite boring (or at least for me they was).

which game r u making it for?


nice modele man
but i see you still have some accuracy problems here what i notice

plz post more picture from many views like that we can help you :)


You last renders of your Mclaren look awesome, maybe you can tone down saturation a little bit and add little specular to carbon materials
I hope, your interior will be in same quality as exterior ...


This one is über sexy. Orange suits it damn well !

That kind of high quality lowpoly / midpoly work really makes me to give low/mid poly a try. Thanks for being inspiring !

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For the Monza track, actually I replace the grass with the gravel is because of the rendering time...will try to find a better way to render the grass though