AMC Ambassador Brougham Concept (197X)

here is a concept car that could have been produced if they made some slight changes to the 1974 Ambassador. the body is the same but with some cosmetic alterations. sadly they stopped making the big cars in 1974 so this is a design that conjecture would place about 1979 or 1980 if it had progressed.every once in a while I like to create different versions of cars or even new ones altogether. this car is not a production car. I will post the 1972 Ambassador sedan soon.


Wow.. this one is really detailed compared to your past ones Ive seen. Very nice :) You konw I dont think it would be that much harder to make these appear as if they were non perspective. You would just have to draw the front as youdo then go further out and draw the side panels that would be seen with no perspecive ( ie front fenders, etc)
you know, I have been working on that actually, after looking at multimediaman's 88 caprice blueprints he did with photo shop I am working on making the windshileds wider than what you would see in a photo, so with much practice I think I can get the perspective out of the drawings, and as you said, just add the lines just outside the front image to show the side. thanks Icekid 84. yes Rockhobbit99 they are drawn with photos and a pencil!. this particular car was modified by me, just did some changes that go along with the other cars from 1979-80 and applied them to the older car to get the look you see above. I think I like doing the cars in more detail than as before with not too much. hopefully my son will get to use these as his own cars to color on the computer when he gets old enough. who needs to buy any coloring book when his is already made. I keep the original drawings locked up though!