AMC Ambassador (1975) side-rear

this will be ok for 1974, but there were no Ambassadors built after 1974, in 1975 they built the Matador in sedan and Wagon form as the largest cars for AMC up to 1978. nice images by the way!


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The article did't mention model years, which is why I cited the issue date. :)

I'm expecting to get corrections on the other posts from this article as well.

As an aside, I remember as a kid, the family car was a blue Ambassador sedan. The next one was a Matador. Both were BIG. :grin:
all of your contributions are really nice ones, most magazines had road tests for cars over the course of a year or more, so I am sure they must have been using a 74 version. I used to love to see those illustrations in the ones I used to subscribe to, that and the spy shots of future models :)