Alvis 12/50 (1924/25)

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    With its rakish body of polished aluminium and usu-
    ally an outside exhaust system, the famous "duck's-
    back" 12/50 Alvis was one of the British classics.
    Simple in design, infinitely reliable and hard-wearing,
    it performed with great success in competition tor
    nearly a decade, a good power output being comple-
    mented by light weight. The 1,496 cc engine (68 x
    103 mm) had pushrod-ohv in a detachable head, devel-
    oped about 60 bhp, and drove through a cone clutch
    (later models had a single-plate type) and excellent
    tour-speed gearbox with right-hand change.
    Chassis design was quite orthodox; when introduced
    in 1923 the 12/50 was braked only on the back wheels,
    but a four-wheel system soon followed. A top speed
    of about 75 mph was reached remarkably quickly.

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