Alpine A441 Studio shot

Hey Jomar excellent render as usual..I've been watching your renders on the facebook group! I absolutely loved the headlights and the light coming from within! I see you have done it in Mental ray..any idea how to make those headlight and taillight shaders in Vray?! Need some help..I don't render my cars in Vray just coz I cant make realistic shaders for the headlights and taillights..Thanks!:D

Jomar Machado

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Thank you for your words yash... Sorry bro but I don't know Vray, I use Mental Ray since Max 3.0.

The Max 2014 brings great improvements in the lighting-render area, with the implementation of IBL and with the HDR Light Map Live plug in...

Sorry for not be of any help with Vray...
Hey man it's ok. Sorry it slipped off my had mentioned in your comment on facebook about you using mental ray since max 3.0..never mind man..I just made some test and I got the results I wanted in Vray! Thanks for replying though! If you could just gimme a very brief idea on how you did it in Mental Ray..I can try doing it in Vray to get more realistic results.Great work keep 'em coming! :D